Topics at AI+ 2023

Artificial intelligence (AI) is all around without us realizing it. Get the facts on AI with sessions about the positive impact the technology can have on current areas, and the myths and misconceptions surrounding it.

Smart City & Mobility

Explore how AI is being applied and can be used to enable smarter and more connected societies in the digital era

Sustainability & Decommissioning

Discussions on the role that AI can play in increasing the rate of sustainability and influence the decommissioning towards net zero targets


The increasing demand for more, cleaner power is everywhere. Learn how AI can be used to increase cost effciency, balance supply and demand and provide a smoother energy trasition

Paneldebatt - AI+ 2022

This is AI+

AI+ is an international conference focused on the role and application of artificial intelligence in our society through presentations, panel discussions and networking events delivered by industry experts.

The purpose of AI+ is to offer Norwegian as well as international environments an arena for competence sharing and interaction within the field of artificial intelligence (AI), which will provide a solid foundation for succeeding with computer-driven economy and innovation.

AI+ aims to strengthen the AI competence, the Scandinavian competitiveness and contribute to developing international changes for profitable and sustainable use of AI. By deeply integrating AI technology we aim to create real benefits for society and for businesses.​

We regard it as our responsibility to contribute and have a positive impact on the planet’s future. AI+ will demonstrate the latest within AI technologies – presented by leading tech companies and international eco systems.

AI+ 2023 will take place on 3-4 May at Brygga kultursal in Halden, Norway.

Latest News

AI for Energy Management: Smart Homes to Sustainable Smart Cities

By Surender Redhu, March 23, 2023 As the world continues to grapple with the challenges of climate change and the need for sustainable living, there is an increasing need for innovative solutions to use the produced energy efficiently. Moreover, with the rapid growth in population and urbanization, there is an increasing demand for energy. Therefore, […]

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