This is AI+

AI+ is a yearly international conference with focus on applied artificial intelligence (AI). The purpose is to raise and discuss the important questions of how we can and should apply AI.

The conference is a meeting place for both private and public industry, politicians, academia, and the general public where competence sharing, demonstrations and debate build a solid foundation for innovations and development of society.

AI+ 2024 will take place on 17-18 April at Brygga kultursal in Halden, Norway.

This is the 5th year we’re organizing the conference, and the importance of applied AI grows exponentially every year. It’s challenging to stay in the forefront of such rapid development of the field, and for 2024 we think it’s important to focus on how we should control the use of foundation models (ChatGPT etc.) and other AI tools which challenge the way we work. For example: How will EUs AI Act influence businesses and public services?

Join us to explore these critical questions and contribute to shaping the future of AI applications!

Nikolai Astrup (right) in the panel debate.

The AI+ conference is organized by Smart Innovation Norway, eSmart Systems, Institute for Energy Technology (IFE), Østfold University College, Halden Chamber of Commerce, and Halden Municipality, in collaboration with Cluster for Applied AI.


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