AI represents vast opportunities when cleaning up nuclear sites

Decommissioning nuclear research plants requires expertise across various fields, which makes it a complex task.

Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND) is a government-owned company established to ensure the safe and cost-effective decommissioning of nuclear facilities, as well as the management of waste, repurposing of materials, and environmental remediation of the affected areas.

AI is a technology that may enable segments of the decommissioning to be done in a simpler and more efficient manner. This is particularly important regarding tasks that pose a high risk to human workers. In such cases, machine learning, robotics and AI can be used to do the job.

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A short presentation of the company

NND is responsible for decommissioning and environmental remediation of the sites that were earlier used for nuclear research.

Illustrasjon over NNDs oppgaver.
This illustration depicts in broad terms the various aspects that NND must consider when decommissioning nuclear facilities. These include deconstruction, waste management and storage, material repurposing, and environmental remediation of the area.

How do you use AI in the company?

We are looking into the possibilities. Also taking into consideration safety issues.

Tell about a recent success story from your company or an exciting project you are working on.

NND develops a waste management IT solution. It might not sound so sexy, but it is important to build a modern yet robust, user-friendly and secure program that has the capability to keep track of millions of parts and their unique set of characteristics. For decades or even centuries, we must be able to go back and find where one certain piece is located

What goals does the company have for the future?

NND will clean the sites earlier used for nuclear research so that our children won’t have to worry about radioactive waste.

Why do you sponsor the AI+ conference?

The AI+ conference is a great opportunity to learn more about this fast-moving and highly important subject.

Facts about the company:

  • Name of business: Norwegian Nuclear Decommissioning (NND)
  • Number of employees: 38
  • Location: Halden
  • Industry: Nuclear Decommissioning and waste management
  • Briefly about the product/service: We will clean up the sites formerly used for nuclear research.