Automating battery maintenance with AI

Nornir is an IoT- and AI operator facilitating the real-time movement, usage, and leverage of data, through their core offering – Nornir HIVE. Having acquired Norwegian BMS (battery management system) company Appollo at the start of 2023, Nornir has made the Norwegian Building Maintenance industry the focus of its go-to-market strategy. 

According to founder and CEO Pål K. Levang, the BMS (no; FDVU, forvaltning, drift og vedlikehold) industry is ripe for innovation and is the ideal market for Nornir HIVE to focus on as they unleash their technology.

CEO Pål K. Levang, Nornir
CEO Pål K. Levang in Nornir. PHOTO: Smart Innovation Norway

Pål continues stating that today’s FDVU systems are plagued with manual processes, static data, and vendor lock-in. All of which he, Nornir and the daughter company, Appollo, plans to eradicate. 

We are already working with big and exciting customers through Appollo, Oslobygg, being chief among them – one of Norway’s largest real estate companies. Oslobygg is very open to innovative solutions to traditional problems, and we have already started rolling out AI-driven processes in their BMS value chain.

Working with forward-leaning organizations like Oslobygg is invaluable, according to Pål.

– Having Oslobygg as a client grants us credibility and puts our technology to the ultimate test, as no one has stricter demands regarding data security and operational integrity.

A short presentation of the company

Nornir is something as rare as a Norwegian deep tech company, founded, funded, and run by Norwegians in Norway. That doesn’t stop us from being diverse where it matters, on the inside, with a 50/50 gender split across more than eight nationalities.

We are passionate about seeing our technology facilitate the solutions of tomorrow and strive to continue to be pioneers in the field of AI-driven networks. 

How do you use AI in the company?

We use AI to build semantic networks of devices, software, and otherwise “dumb” nodes, linked by bi-directional linking, communication, and semantic services. This allows us to smartify existing infrastructure, which again can lead to benefits – like in the case with Oslobygg – automation of labour-intensive processes, securing data integrity, eliminating vendor lock-in and much more.

Tell about a recent success story from your company or an exciting project you are working on.

A good example of “smartifying existing infrastructure” is the project we have underway with KfiO at Nordberg kirke in Oslo. Here we have an ongoing pilot project where we’re utilising our HIVE in combination with a set of temperature sensors and “dumb” actuators to smartify their existing heating system. The HIVE will utilize temperature data from the strategically placed sensors to control the existing heating system’s actuators in true real-time. As the pilot progresses, we can use machine learning to add data from the church’s calendar, weather reports and more to make the system even smarter. A solution that could save the church tens, if not hundreds, of thousands in heating costs in the coming winters.

What goals does the company have for the future?

Short-term, we aim to be a leading system provider within the Norwegian BMS (FDVU) vertical, both in the private and public sectors. And we wish to do this with key clients and partners.

Long-term, Nornir has great plans for the HIVE and the underlying technology that includes-, but also goes beyond the scope of Appollo, BMS and Norway. With time, we will roll out our technology, with key partners, in new verticals and markets – while also expanding our portfolio of offerings. 

Why do you sponsor the AI+ conference?

We are sponsoring the AI+ conference as we see it as a vital forum to meet key people, clients and partners within the AI space. 

Smart Innovation Norway has a good history of facilitating valuable relationships, which is why we are a part of their cluster and events such as this one.

Facts about the company:

  • Name of business: Nornir (& Appollo)
  • Number of employees: 20
  • Location: Oslo
  • Industry: Smart City operator & BMS (FDVU) system
  • Briefly about the product/service: