Digitalizing and improving solutions of societal importance

Kantega has a task of national significance ahead when collaborating with Enova in making the governmental company more data-driven. With a yearly investment of four to six billion NOK in climate and energy measures, Enova is a central actor in helping Norway reach its climate targets. With the help from Kantega, Enova’s solutions for support schemes will be improved through a new data- and analysis platform. Working with analytical data in a new and more efficient way will be a great contribution to Enova’s success in their mission.

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A short presentation of the company

Kantega is an IT consulting company 100% owned by the employees. Our mission is to help our clients build business-critical software systems. We aim to be a one-stop shop by having a broad range of expertise ranging from data scientists, data engineers, cloud architects, UX designers, full stack developers, as well as consultants with deep skills in areas such as innovation and business development, security, system integration and test & quality management.

Our clients dominate domains such as banking & finance, the public sector, mobility, and green energy.

Kantega AI - Datalake
Kantega uses AI to help customers build business-critical software systems.

How does Kantega use AI?

We use AI in many ways depending on our customers’ needs, ranging from using computer vision to identify objects in a video stream to developing machine learning models to predict default on bank loans.

We also aim to take our own medicine by becoming more data-driven in our own organization, using AI to improve our core processes. We are experimenting with various machine learning techniques, including the new GPT models from Open AI.

Tell about a recent success story from the company or an exciting project you are working on.

In our most recent project, which will run through 2023, we will help Enova become a more data-driven organization. Norway has set ambitious climate targets, and Enova will contribute through support schemes and advice on which measures have the most significant effect. Part of the contribution from Kantega will be to establish a new data- and analysis platform and new ways of working with analytical data to make Enova succeed in their mission.

What goals does the company have for the future?

We believe that our clients will have to become more data-driven in the future, and we aim to help them succeed in their digital transformation. Part of the success will be to combine business understanding, deep technical skills, and a cross-functional approach where people with different competencies work together.

Why does Kantega sponsor the AI+ conference?

Conferences like AI+ are an excellent opportunity for us to meet with new potential partners and clients and gain new insights into tech, needs and solutions. 

Facts about the company:

  • Name of business: Kantega AS
  • Number of employees: 200
  • Locations: Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen
  • Industry: IT Consulting
  • Briefly about the product/service: Helping our clients build mission-critical software systems for their businesses.