Dr. Hai Nguyen

Dr. Hai Nguyen

Associate professor at VNNOR

About Dr. Hai Nguyen

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Hai Nguyen is currently leading a startup company named VNNOR, which has the SynPlan product on AI/ML for Optimizing Healthcare Workforce Planning (https://www.synplan.ai/ ).

In 2007, he got a master degree in computer science and applied mathematics from Moscow State University. In 2012, he got a PhD degree on machine learning and artificial intelligence for security and digital forensics at NTNU, Norway. During 2012, he was a visiting scholar at Machine Learning Lab, University of California Santa Cruz, USA. In 2013, he was working as a postdoc fellow at Machine Learning Lab, INRIA Lille, France. From 2014 until Jan-2020, he was working as a senior research scientist at Telenor Research, Telenor ASA in Norway where he was a leader of various industrial projects on AI/ML for cyber security, fraud detection, recommendation systems, IoTs and 5G. Currently, he is also holding an Adjunct Associate Professor position at the computer science department at NTNU Trondheim, Norway.

His main interests are artificial intelligence/machine learning, information security, the interaction between two fields and blockchain.