Elisabet Haugsbø


President of the trade union Tekna

Elisabet Haugsbø is the president of the trade union Tekna. She holds a master’s degree in Engineering Cybernetics from NTNU and, alongside her chairmanship, works as a CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) at the IT consultancy company, Zebra Consulting. She has previously worked as a digital security consultant in DNV and as Head of Data for the marine technology platform Ocean Data Platform in HUB Ocean. Haugsbø has also been an ethical hacker and is often used as an expert in media and debates. She has been named one of Norway’s leading women in technology several times, at the latest in 2023.

At AI+ 2024, Elisabet will talk about how companies can create a competitive edge in using AI by smart collaboration with unions.

Title: Building Tomorrow Together: Unions and Responsible AI