Artificial Intelligence at the Pub

How to navigate a world driven by artificial intelligence?

This FREE “pre-party” event on Tuesday, May 2nd, is organized by the AI+ conference in collaboration with Halden Næringsutvikling and NHO Viken Oslo. It will be conducted in Norwegian.

Six highly engaging speakers from Itera, Microsoft Norway, and Østfold University College will share different dimensions of artificial intelligence (AI), and through them, you will have the opportunity to explore how it can create value in your everyday life and work. Our intention is to offer you insight and inspiration around the topic of AI, while emphasizing the value and opportunities it brings.

Welcome to good vibes and artificial intelligence at the pub!


19:00-20:30 - come as you are, walk as a star.
AI for everyone
Eirik Berge, PhD, Data Scientist and Enthusiast - Itera
Usability and accessibility in everyday life. Here, we will demystify AI and show you how it is accessible and useful for everyone, regardless of company size and industry.
Creativity and AI
Øyvind Rage, Service Designer with a Rocket Boost - Itera
Explore how ChatGPT and Bing can be integrated into a designer's creative processes and contribute to solving complex problems.
AI as an efficient collaboration partner
Ulrikke Akerbæk, Low Code Technical Lead and Microsoft MVP - Itera
Power Platform and Copilot. Here, we delve into Power Platform and you will learn how AI can function as a Copilot in your workflow.
Security and trust in the AI world
Truls Berntsen, "Artificial Intelligence Business Developer" - Itera
How to know what you can trust?
AI in the workplace
Jon Jahren, Director Azure Cloud & AI at Microsoft Norway
What are the possibilities for an AI copilot in your workplace? We explore how we can integrate generative AI into your business and open up about both the benefits and risks.
AI - easy to do, difficult to do right
Lars V. Magnusson, Associate Professor at Østfold University College
Tools and data are available to solve almost anything we want, but we still know little about how to do this in an effective and safe way.