Follow the reveals of our AI+ Christmas Calendar

The conference team has prepared an Advent Calendar unveiling updates and surprises every workday until Christmas, starting December 1st. Get ready for an exciting Advent Season with AI+ 2024!

Friday, December 22nd

Meet Fredrik Holm, Mayor of Halden!

As the newly elected mayor, Fredrik is passionate about civilization, society, and community development. His enthusiasm for technology is evident. Hence, it’s undeniable: Fredrik Holm will be a part of AI+ in April! 

Discover why Halden’s mayor advocates for AI+ as the premier destination for acquiring cutting-edge insights and expertise in applied artificial intelligence.

Are you as excited for AI+ 2024 as Fredrik? Reserve your spot now!

Today’s door marks the end of our advent calendar – and we’d like to wish all previous and future AI+ participants a very Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 21st

Get to know Erik Åsberg, one of the speakers at AI+ 2024!

He is the Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at eSmart Systems and has 20+ years of experience in software development for the energy industry, primarily using Microsoft and Oracle technologies.

In 2017, Erik was appointed as a Microsoft Regional Director for Norway. As a Regional Director, Erik is one of 150 individuals worldwide specially chosen by Microsoft as trusted advisors for developers, IT professionals, and Microsoft itself.

During AI+ in April, Erik will discuss how the energy industry can apply artificial intelligence to power grids to increase reliability and resilience.

Wednesday, December 20th

Are you one of those wondering if artificial intelligence (AI) poses a greater threat than an opportunity – or vice versa? If so, you should head to AI+ 2024 and listen to David Hansen!!

He’s the Enterprise Public Sector Manager at Microsoft Norway and will be discussing responsible use AI with us. For instance: How does AI bring more opportunities than threats? David will share the principles and guidelines Microsoft follows to ensure that AI respects and promotes inclusion, human rights, data security, and privacy. 💡🔍

Best of all, this is just one of the many cutting-edge topics you’ll gain insight into at AI+ in April! 

Tuesday, December 19th

Listen to why senior lawyer John Nilsen believes YOU should join AI+ in April!

John is part of the technology team at Advokatfirmaet Berngaard AS, where he works on IT legal, intellectual property, and privacy law issues. He provides advice and dispute resolution for both public and private clients.

🚀 At AI+ 2024, John is looking forward to building both expertise and networks – and he’s especially excited to meet many amazing people!

Monday, December 18th

Get to know our sponsor Dunamis Technology! 🚀

Dunamis Technology is a value- and purpose-driven Norwegian company that recognises the significance of people in digitalisation and cyber security, valuing them just as much as technology.

As digitalisation accelerates, a fresh perspective on digital security is essential. Novel challenges, heightened complexity, and increased speed demands innovative approaches to thinking and management. Dunamis addresses these demands by offering services and solutions to empower companies to succeed in digital transformation.

Dunamis’ mission is to simplify and demystify cyber security, firmly believing that even small security measures can produce a significant impact.

Embracing the potential of AI, Dunamis recognises the essential contribution of this technology to cybersecurity. In an era where cyber-attacks grow in complexity and sophistication, AI becomes instrumental in enhancing cyber security efficiency. Moreover, AI makes cyber security accessible to companies of all sizes.

While artificial intelligence is a relatively new topic within the cyber security domain, its potential to significantly improve organisations’ ability to defend against cyber threats is undeniable.

We highly appreciate Dunamis Technology’s sponsorship of AI+ 2024! 🤝

Friday, December 15th

Unique AI Dance Performance Opens AI+ 2024!

Technology and Culture converge in an extraordinary experience when AI+ 2024 presents “AM I HUMAN?” – a novel choreographic masterpiece by Sara Stang Møller, an innovative choreographer and dancer from Halden.

She describes the spectacle as a journey into the fantastic world of Artificial Intelligence inspired by science fiction and manga (Japanese comics). Let yourself to be captivated by the wonder and concern for where this technology will lead us.

The show premiered autumn 2023 in Halden and has since been featured in Sarpsborg.

The Festina Lente Produksjoner Dance Company is the producer of the show, with Aurora Itland, Carl André Johansson and Amalie Sunde as co-creative dancers on stage.

We are eagerly looking forward to the joint performance of Artificial Intelligence and Culture at the opening of AI+ 2024 in Brygga kultursal, Halden.

Hoping to see you on April 17-18!

Photo: Johannes Granseth

Thursday, December 14th

In today’s door, we want to spread some Pre-Christmas joy! Get a whopping 40% discount on tickets until 11:59 PM on December 17!

Several speakers are confirmed, and the first draft of the program is now available. Secure your spot at the conference and gain insights from industry leaders in Artificial Intelligence.

Aside from the conference, which provides expert insights on stage, the chance to witness Artificial Intelligence in action, and valuable networking opportunities. There will also be various cultural experiences in Halden throughout the week, including film, music, and positive vibes.

REMEMBER: Use discount code 14DEC40WEB – and get your tickets today!

Wednesday, December 13th

Meet Fredrik Bringager, Head of Business Development at Hive Autonomy – one of Norway’s most exciting tech companies, implementing autonomous systems for increased efficiency and safety, and substantially reduced CO2 emissions.

Bringager is speaking at AI+ 2024 about the future of autonomous logistics chains based on the rapid development of advanced technologies like computer vision, point data, and machine learning.

“I’ll highlight several examples related to use cases that we are working on, including collaborations with ASKO and Yara,” says Bringager.

Curious about autonomous logistics? Excited to delve into robotics and autonomy with Fredrik Bringager? Join AI+ 2024!

Tuesday, December 12th

Get to know our sponsor Aider! They like numbers. Love them, actually. But for Aider, accurate accounting isn’t the ultimate goal – it’s just the beginning. It’s the foundation upon which everything else is built.

Aider believes that the accounting industry needs to be redefined. And they are the ones to do it.

The enthusiasm in the interaction between people – and in the meeting between people and technology – generates energy and endless possibilities. They are here to help people succeed, and together, they will shape the future. 

That’s why Aider isn’t just another accounting firm. They are the industry’s biggest challenger. A leading knowledge hub that sets the bar when it comes to technology and skilled individuals. They have brought together the very best environments in accounting, technology, and business development from across Norway.

They will achieve this with talented individuals, simplification – and with their eyes fixed far ahead. They cultivate the combination of technology that is easy to understand, exceptionally skilled people who care – and the opportunities that arise from challenging and always thinking ahead.

And in this way, they help today’s and tomorrow’s leaders succeed with their decisions.

We highly appreciate Aider’s sponsorship of AI+ 2024!

Monday, December 11th

Meet Kang Cheng, CEO of AI innovation company BakuAI. He is attending AI+ 2024 for a special reason. Check it out in the video below:

BakuAI is a young company composed of a team whose core members have over 10+ years of experience in relentlessly pursuing advances in AI technology. With their proven ability to adapt and innovate, they have successfully developed AI solutions in industries ranging from healthcare and finance to agriculture and manufacturing.

Join BakuAI at AI+ in April!

Friday, December 8th

Welcome back to AI+, our distinguished moderator Ruth Astrid Sæter! After leading three high-quality conferences on applied artificial intelligence (AI), she returns in 2024. Wondering why? Check out the video.

For the fourth time, Ruth Astrid Sæter will guide us through a program packed with highlights— including highly topical talks on stage, panel discussions with key actors in the AI ecosystem, questions from the audience, AI demos, and networking, among other things.

Sæter is a former journalist with many years of experience from Norwegian newspapers and the monthly magazine HENNE. Since 2009, she has worked in the field of communications, with a primary focus on climate, energy, and the environment. Among her previous employers are the environmental foundation Bellona and the Norwegian Research Council.

We’re excited to meet both Ruth Astrid and next year’s participants at AI+ 2024!

Thursday, December 7th

Get to know our sponsor Logiq! As one of the leading Nordic players in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Logiq closely monitors AI development. The company will leverage Artificial Intelligence wherever it can provide added value to its customers.

The exchange of digital business documents forms the foundation for efficient trade between companies. Both customers and suppliers require accurate information at the right time.

Logiq is the leading Nordic Digital Trading Network for companies in transaction-heavy value chains, and its cloud-based platform offers a secure environment for the exchange of digital trade documents. The acquired insight from these exchanges, places Logiq in a unique position to contribute to both process and product innovation – for the benefit of their customers.

By combining in-depth expertise in EDI with innovative use of big data and new technology, Logiq develops value-added services that provide their customers with better insight, greater control, and new business opportunities.

We highly appreciate that Logiq sponsors AI+ 2024!

Wednesday, December 6th

Today’s calendar door holds quite a treat! Until midnight, you can secure tickets to AI+ 2024 with a whopping 50 % discount. Use discount code 6DEC50.

This very special offer allows you to snag the ultimate Christmas gift – either for yourself or someone dear – namely, knowledge.

In addition to the conference itself, which offers expert insights from stage, the opportunity to witness artificial intelligence in action and valuable networking, Halden will deliver several cultural experiences this week, including film, music, and great vibes.

Join us on the journey towards innovation, knowledge sharing, and societal development. REMEMBER: The offer expires at midnight, so get your tickets today!

Tuesday, December 5th

What’s true and what’s not? It can be extremely challenging to distinguish amidst the myriad of information constantly bombarding us in today’s media landscape.

At AI+ 2024 in April, Dr. Morten L. Dahlback from will join us precisely for this purpose: to uncover “fake news” and verify the sources and messages we receive.

Dr. Dahlback is the Head of Innovation and Technology at, responsible for editorial development, as well as fact-checking and artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives. He oversees’s strategic partnerships, including collaborations with MediaFutures and Meta. He is also part of the management team for the Nordic collaborative project NORDIS. Dahlback holds a PhD in Philosophy from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and has served as a visiting researcher at Rutgers University and the Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy. AS is a non-profit organization and an independent editorial entity dedicated to fact-checking societal debates and public discourse in Norway.

Seize the opportunity to learn from one of Norway’s leading experts on AI and disinformation at AI+!

Monday, December 4th

AI+ places our time’s most significant technology on the agenda! If you are interested in or work with applied artificial intelligence, Halden is the place to be on April 17th and 18th, 2024.

During this time, AI+ will host a major two-day conference with the goal of being a platform and meeting point for those who want to hear, see, and learn about the latest developments in artificial intelligence.

We facilitate opportunities for YOU to

  • connect with like-minded individuals
  • be challenged
  • engage in discussions
  • attend insightful lectures
  • witness AI in action
  • enjoy delicious food
  • acquire new knowledge
  • establish new contacts
  • uncover untapped potential

Friday, December 1st

Listen to our Project Manager, Tore Lie, explaining why AI+ 2024 is a must-attend event:

The international conference on applied artificial intelligence (AI) will be held for the fifth time on April 17th and 18th next year – and the topic is becoming more relevant by the day. It’s challenging to stay in the forefront of such rapid development!

In 2024, we’ll shine a light on how to control the use of foundation models (like ChatGPT) and other AI tools that challenge the way we work. For example: How will the EU’s AI Act affect businesses and public services?