Gudbrand Eggen


Serial entrepreneur and open-source enthusiast

Gudbrand Eggen has co-founded several technology start-ups with combined valuations >1BNOK. He has a master in materials science from NTNU and has been a coder, consultant, and occasional speaker for >20 years in media, finance, robotics, and AI.

Gudbrand has always cared deeply about the risks of technology to individuals and society and is worried about the risks of using AI in social media. AI seems to have contributed to polarization, amplification of fake news, large-scale manipulation and lock-in by large actors in walled gardens.

Fortunately, these risks can be limited or possibly even eliminated by regulation and open-source solutions that either already exist or are in the works. If we act wisely now, AI could become be a positive rather than a negative influence on societal discourse in the future.

Title: AI risks in social media