Henrik Fagerholt

Henrik Fagerholt

Product Manager at Gyldendal Rettsdata

About Henrik Fagerholt

Gyldendal ASA is no longer just a publishing house. In 2021 over 1 billion NOK came from digital products. But the journey has only begun and a lot of work has to be done. Henrik Fagerholt is currently leading the product development of Gyldendal Rettsdata, the leading product for legal practitioners in Norway, transforming it from a being a publishing platform into a modern product.

Henrik did his master thesis on using AI to generate natural language in electronic patient records on NTNU in 2003 (MSC), but spent the next ten years in the eLearning industry and the startup Edvantage Group as a programmer, architect and head of development.

During the final years in EDG and his time with Innovation Norway he finished a master in strategic business development and innovation at BI Norwegian Business School (MoM) and entered into the world of Legal Tech in 2015. This also meant entering back into the world of AI.

For more than five years, Henrik worked as the Knowledge Manager in BAHR, one of the top law firms in Norway. He was responsible for digitalizing the way of work, collaborating and exchanging knowledge with the top vendors and law firms in Europe. During his time in BAHR he also acted as the CTO of the subsidiary BAHR LEAP, set up in the spring of 2018 to identify, adapt and develop new digital solutions to effectivise and improve legal service delivery.

After many years working with using the technology the urge to create had grew too big, and Henrik has now found his sweet spot working with product development in a knowledge heavy environment in Gyldendal.