Omar Richardson


Chief Technology Officer at Simula Consulting

Omar Richardson is the Chief Technology Officer at Simula Consulting, where he focuses on the management of the R&D project portfolio. With a background in research and technology development, Omar has been a technology consultant for several research institutes in Scandinavia. As a part of Simula Consulting, Omar has led innovative AI applications, particularly in business process optimisation and decision-assistive systems. His mission to make sure that technology is built to serve society and is reflected in his leadership at Simula Consulting, where he focuses on developing AI solutions that are not only commercially viable but also address key societal challenges.


Building AI-powered innovations that last; what’s the secret?

Join us in a session on how Simula Consulting leverages over 20 years of world-leading expertise in IT and AI to bridge the gap between academic discoveries and industrial innovations. We will demonstrate a series of AI projects across various industries that have empowered our clients to achieve far-reaching impact. Finally, we end with a few key lessons on how to keep value central in your AI strategy.