Roberto V. Zicari

Prof. Roberto V. Zicari

Z-Inspection® Initiative

About Prof. Roberto V. Zicari

Roberto V. Zicari is an affiliated professor at the Yrkeshögskolan Arcada, Helsinki, Finland, and an adjunct professor at the Seoul National University, South Korea.

Roberto V. Zicari is leading  a team of international experts who defined an assessment process for Trustworthy AI, called Z-Inspection®.

Previously he was professor of Database and Information Systems (DBIS) at the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, where he founded the Frankfurt Big Data Lab.

He is an internationally recognized expert in the field of Databases and Big Data. His interests also expand to Ethics and AI, Innovation and Entrepreneurship. He is the editor of the web portal and of the ODBMS Industry Watch Blog.  He was for several years a visiting professor with the Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology within the Department of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research at UC Berkeley (USA).