Rune Winther


Consultant at Proactima AS

Rune Winther (Dr.Scient) has more than 30 years’ experience working with risk and reliability, in academic as well as industrial positions. His formal background is in mathematical statistics, with  a specialization in risk and reliability. He now works as a consultant in Proactima AS, and his experience covers a large range of industries and context areas, from basic reliability problems in mechanical systems to details of software in aerospace systems. Most of his research activities have been related to risk and reliability of software, including strategies for using AI in safety-critical systems. As part of the SIITS (2021-2023) research project, Winther contributed to the development of an improved framework for risk management of the intelligent and integrated transport systems of the future, as well as studying the implications of EU’s coming regulation for AI (“The AI-act”).

Title: Can AI help us with safety, e.g. in tunnels?