Simula Consulting’s cutting-edge solutions tackles complex challenges through tailored AI solutions

Omar Richardson, CTO og Magnus Waage, Data Engineer at Simula Consulting. PHOTO: Simula Consulting.

Simula Consulting is a prize-winning AI and Machine Learning consultancy based in Oslo. Specialising in transforming complex challenges into cutting-edge solutions, they are dedicated to empowering businesses with the capabilities of AI, safely and ethically. As a part of Simula Research Laboratory, Simula Consulting has access to leading experts in computer science and security, enabling them to tailor the perfect team to solve your problems using state-of-the-art techniques. 

How do you use AI in the company?

At Simula Consulting, we are a specialised consultancy, leveraging the power of AI to optimise and improve processes, enhance decision-making, and unlock insights from data. Our AI solutions encompass machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and more, tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. Whether it’s automating tasks, predicting outcomes, or personalising user experiences, AI is integrated into our service offerings to deliver tangible value to our clients. Simula Consulting has long experience in deploying AI models, building them into existing or standalone systems.

Tell about a recent AI-related success story from your company or an exciting project you are working on

Intelligent AI-based Fish Filtering System to prevent the Extinction of Atlantic Salmon. PHOTO: Simula Consulting.

Simula Consulting was awarded “Outstanding Mobile Contribution” prize at the Global Mobile Awards, for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in Mobile World Congress 2024 in Barcelona, for developing an Intelligent AI-based Fish Filtering System to prevent the Extinction of Atlantic Salmon. We collaborated with Huawei Norge, Troll Systems and Berlevåg Jeger- og Fiskeforening to implement a computer vision model based on an edge computing deployment in a quite rugged environment. 

What goals does the company have for the future?

Looking ahead, Simula Consulting aims to continue innovating and expanding our AI capabilities to address evolving market and societal demands. We aspire to be at the forefront of technological advancements, driving digital transformation initiatives for our clients and empowering them to stay ahead in a rapidly changing landscape. As a part of Simula Research Laboratory, we make sure the cutting-edge research of 200+ researchers becomes available to the Norwegian Industry. 

Holger Hussmann, CEO, Simula Consulting. PHOTO: Simula Consulting.

Why have you chosen to sponsor the AI+ conference?

As a firm deeply committed to advancing AI technologies and fostering collaboration within the industry, sponsoring the AI+ conference aligns perfectly with our values and objectives. We recognize the importance of knowledge sharing, networking, and staying abreast of the latest developments in AI. By sponsoring this conference, we aim to contribute to the exchange of ideas, showcase our expertise, and forge meaningful connections with fellow professionals, researchers, and innovators in the AI community.

Facts about the company:

  • Name of business: Simula Consulting
  • Number of employees: 13
  • Location: Oslo
  • Industry:  Consulting
  • Briefly about the product/service: Our services span hands-on technology development and advice, tech due diligence, and courses in AI and Machine Learning.
  • Achievements: More than 50 AI based solutions successfully developed and deployed for our clients since 2020

Simula Consulting is a gold sponsor at AI+ 2024.

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