Member of Parliament

Solveig Vitanza serves as a Member of Parliament (Stortingsrepresentant) for the Østfold region and holds a position in Næringskomiteen (the Committee on Business and Industry) in Stortinget (the Norwegian Parliament). Additionally, she represents the Halden Arbeiderparti as a municipal council representative.

With a background in research, Solveig works as a research advisor at Østfold University College while residing in the picturesque town of Halden. Her commitment to politics and societal issues extends beyond her professional life, as she actively engages in various community affairs.

Since 2021, Solveig has been a notable presence in Stortinget, contributing her expertise and advocating for the interests of Østfold and the nation as a whole. She pursued her education at the University of Oslo, laying a solid foundation for her career in public service.

Furthermore, Solveig is a proud member of the Norsk Tjenestemannslag (Norwegian Civil Service Union), demonstrating her commitment to the welfare and rights of public service employees.