Product and Data Science Lead at HUB Ocean

Tara Zeynep Baris is an experienced Data Science Lead in the non-profit foundation HUB Ocean. Her area of responsibility is to combine data and science in order to address the many challenges our oceans are facing. How to incorporate AI into this work is an important part of the puzzle.

She completed her PhD in Marine Biology and Ecology from the Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science at the University of Miami. Her graduate research focused on using genomic approaches to understand evolutionary processes in marine organisms.

She later completed a fellowship in data science and worked in industry, building deep learning models to understand and predict customer behaviors.

Baris received her bachelor’s degree in Biology and Mathematics from McGill University in Montreal, Canada.



In her AI+ talk, “Changing the Fate of the Ocean through Data”, Dr. Baris will explore the exciting potential of utilizing data and AI to address specific ocean impact areas, from reducing shipping emissions to optimizing offshore wind. She will highlight the significance of breaking down data silos and unlocking ocean data from industry sources to help solve big ocean data challenges.

This effort is part of HUB Ocean’s larger vision to become the world’s ocean data collaboration hub, advancing both ocean health and wealth. The centerpiece of this initiative is the Ocean Data Platform, a collaborative tool that provides a single-cloud based environment for working with ocean data and creating new insights. Join us to learn more about HUB Ocean’s approach to ocean sustainability.