Trym Holter, Silo AI


Trym Holter is a Business Development Executive at Silo AI. For more than 25 years, Trym has been working in research and product development in areas such as machine learning, signal processing, acoustics, and electronics. Before joining Silo AI, he has held positions such as director of the Norwegian Open AI Lab, research director in SINTEF Digital, and R&D positions in multinationals as well as start-up environments. He is currently on the board of directors for start-up companies Minuendo and Nomono, as well as for OsloMet – Oslo Metropolitan University.



Since the launch of ChatGPT last fall, Generative AI has been on everyone’s lips. AI has already surrounded us both in our private and professional lives for many years, but the unprecedented adoption rate seen with Generative AI has made it clear for many more that AI will impact our societies in major ways, and it will be used by us all.

In this session, we will discuss the phenomenon of Generative AI, what it is and what opportunities it creates. The key questions are, how can we drive value creation of Generative AI, what resources and competencies are needed, and what role should we play in the Nordics?