VIDEO: – We should develop AI according to our actual needs

Inga Strümke
Inga Strümke on stage during AI+ 2022. PHOTO: Stein Johnsen, ContentVideo

This statement is made by Dr Inga Strümke from NTNU – The Norwegian University for Science and Technology.

She participated as a speaker and in the discussion panel at AI+ 2022, and the statement above is a part of her answer to our question about how she sees the development of AI.

– AI should develop according to our actual needs. Not only with our short-term desires but also in line with our long-term goals meaning sustainability goals and ethical values, Strümke said.

The experienced NTNU researcher warned against a societal development where social media feed the population with poisonous input influencing people in a bad way.

– The intention is to make money out of it, and it is powered by data analysis, meaning AI. This huge social experiment should not be happening, and I think we are going to regret that further down in history, Strümke said.

In her opinion, a big challenge in society is to identify and decide which problems we want AI to solve and what we do not want to be interfered with by AI – even though it means making money.