Welcome to the AI+ 2024 parallel sessions! 

On Thursday, 18 April (Day 2), the day kicks off with our Parallel AI Sessions. With 3 different topics to choose from – AI+ Business, AI+ Risk, and AI+ Education – you can customize your experience and attend the session that interests you most.

To ensure a seamless experience, we kindly ask all participants who wish to attend AI+ Risk or AI+ Education to sign up for that specific session. If you prefer to participate at AI+ Business, no registration is needed.

Everyone meets back up at Byparken for lunch and networking. After lunch, the conference concludes with the main session ‘AI+ Debate’ at 12:30.

We hope you enjoy the day and take advantage of this opportunity to expand your knowledge and network with fellow AI enthusiasts!

Parallel Session 1: AI+ Business

09:00 - 11:30

Byparken, Jernbanetorget 2, 1767 Halden

Artificial intelligence is poised to be crucial in streamlining and fostering growth in Norwegian business and the public sector. We already have many excellent examples of how AI has revolutionized industries and institutions. 

AI+ Business provides the audience with several compelling instances of companies that have achieved significant success thanks to AI. Business leaders from well-established companies and startups share their experiences with applied AI in daily operations. 

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Morning session Day 2. PHOTO: Stein Johnsen, ContentVideo

Parallel Session 2: AI+ Risk

09:00 - 11:30

Conference Room, Thon Hotel


Vast quantities of data poses challenges in processing and utilizing the potential of AI. Another digital challenge is cybersecurity. Many in the AI domain have relevant backgrounds but lack formal education in risk management methods.

AI+ Risk will illustrate how AI can aid in understanding risk and demonstrate instances where AI may introduce heightened risks that must be addressed.

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Alexander Haneng is SVP Innovation Partnerships at Posten and Bring. PHOTO: Stein Johnsen, Contentvideo.no

Parallel Session 3: AI+ Education


Halden rådhus, Storgata 8, 1771 Halden

Østfold University College

Conference discourse on applied artificial intelligence in the university and college sector (in Norwegian).

The event is particularly suitable for professionals working in IT, security, digitalization, and AI, but is also useful for managers and those working on implementing technology in their own work.

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Rådhuset i Halden