AI+ Risk – Parallel Session 2

09:00 – 11:30

AI+ 2024 Parallel session 2


Today, we have vast quantities of data where we previously needed more. This poses challenges in processing and utilizing artificial intelligence’s (AI) potential. AI can automate routine tasks, thus allowing more time for analyzing crucial security issues. Additionally, we must revisit the traditional control measures concerning data quality, quantity, and relevance. 

Another digital challenge we face is cybersecurity. Many individuals entering this domain have backgrounds in ICT, personnel security, or physical security, yet they may lack formal education in risk management methods. The presentations and discussions will illustrate examples of how AI can aid in understanding risk and demonstrate instances where AI may introduce heightened risks that must be addressed. 



09:00 – 09:10 : Welcome / Opening
Bjørn Axel Gran – IFE / ESRA Norway

09:10 – 09:35: DMaze risk management AI software for proposals for measures and risk mapping
Stian Opsahl Hetlevik – Proactima

09:35 – 10:00: AI for good and bad
Levente Nyusti – IFE
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10:00– 10:25: AI risks in social media
Gudbrand Eggen –
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10:25 – 10:50: Can AI help us with tunnel safety?
Rune Winther – Proactima
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10:50 – 11:30: Panel Debate
Habtamu Abie
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Panel: Rune Winther (Proactima), Bjørn Axel Gran (IFE), TBD