Storespeed: A Nordic Data Center Provider Powered by AI

The Storespeed team. PHOTO: Kine Jensen (

Storespeed is a Norwegian data center company that owns, develops and operates its own data center services in the Nordic and Arctic region, offering bespoke solutions for storage and high-performance computing through 25+ years of experience.

Storespeed is now developing a portfolio of 10x sites through the Nordics for AI companies, either providing AI capacity or hosting AI solutions with high requirements of best-of-breed data center infrastructure to operate and maintain their solutions.

Ørjan Rolness, COO/CFO, Storespeed. PHOTO: Kine Jensen (

By using our extensive network and insight into the power available, we can develop sites on locations quicker and better than our competitors.

Ørjan Rolness, Storespeed

How does Storespeed use AI?

Being a small, but proactive company we need to accelerate our processes. By using AI solutions and foremost Gemini&GPT we are able to speed up our internal work. However, this requires proofing and some rework to make the text and content correct for the purpose we are working on.

We also spend time to share experience and learn how to optimize the use of different tools. This is vital to get increased valued of the different solutions we are working on.

Tell about a recent AI-related success story from your company or an exciting project you are working on. 

John Amundsen, CEO, Storespeed. PHOTO: Kine Jensen (

Our core services revolve around providing data center facilities, offering bespoke hosting solutions for your server infrastructure. We see the AI industry as a huge opportunity for us providing the infrastructure to operate both the training platform and the platform for AI companies. 

Our biggest project now is working together with some of the biggest providers of NVIDIA GPU processors. These companies are multi-billion-dollar companies with advanced requirements for their solutions. Today there is a rapid increase on space to allocate their AI capacity, which is the sweetspotfor Storespeed. We hope to be able to sign our first customer contracts soon.

What goals does the company have for the future? 

Storespeed has ambitious goals for the future. We want to become the sustainable data center within the Nordic region, providing bespoke solutions for AI companies.

This requires both competence within AI and the ability to develop our business towards this market segment. We want to build a strong brand within this segment, as the best data center developer/operator for this type of data center capacity, enabling us to handle the increasing demand for AI applications.

By strengthening our partnerships, ensuring customer success, and building a strong brand based on our excellent deliveries is key objectives as we develop our business further.

Why is Storespeed sponsoring the AI+ conference?

Our decision to sponsor this conference is in alignment with our mission to advance within the AI industry. The event provides excellent networking opportunities, boosts our brand visibility, enables us to showcase our thought leadership, and reaffirms our commitment to supporting the AI community.

Facts about the company:

  • Name of business: Storespeed AS
  • Number of employees: 8
  • Location: Fredrikstad/Halden/Åfjord/Oslo/Finland
  • Industry: Data center services
  • Briefly about the product/service: Our data centers are providing IT operations and equipment to ensure a secure location for storing, sharing, and managing vast amounts of data. We provide businesses with flexibility in how they can view, back up, and store the data, as well as protect it from natural and man-made disasters.

Storespeed is a platinum sponsor for AI+ 2024.

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